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UFO researcher Tony Dodd died, aged, 74, on 24 March 2009, due to the consequences of an inoperable brain tumour initially detected in August 2008.

Born in Crystal Palace, London on 2 January 1935, Anthony (Tony) Dodd - following National Service and several diverse short term positions - joined the the UK's West Riding (later West & North Yorkshire) Constabulary in 1962. During his 25 years of service he acquired a reputation as a tough, competent police sergeant in a sometimes hazardous career.

His involvement in Ufology was instigated in January 1978 by a personal sighting of a glowing domed disc with three hemispherical projections on its underside. He thereafter observed numerous other apparent UFOs around the Skipton area, both incidentally and while on skywatch vigils. The most significant was the sighting of a glowing form near Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire, on 7 November 1983, the photographs taken by Dodd subsequently assessed by Ground Saucer Watch as “one of the few genuine photographs from the UK”.

In 1982 Dodd joined the Yorkshire UFO Society (YUFOS) - later Quest International, publishers of “UFO” magazine. He intermittently served various roles within the organization - most notably as Director of Investigations - leaving in 1998 to pursue his own Ufological interests. Among his post-Quest projects was the publication of his semi-autographical book Alien Investigator: the case files of Britain’s leading UFO Detective in 1999. A follow up manuscript is as yet unpublished.

Tony Dodd had an unflinching conviction that “True UFOs” had an extraterrestrial origin; the evidence for which he believed was suppressed by an official cover-up of global proportions. Dodd cited numerous apparent instances where he was observed and sometimes threatened by individuals he identified as government agents. Most significantly, he believed this alien presence on our world took the form of various coastal UFO bases, the most notable being located just off South America and Iceland. Tony Dodd also documented various instances of animal and human mutilation that he ascribed to extraterrestrial activity.

His contacts with police and other arms of government meant that he was in receipt of intelligence and information that few others had access to. In late 2007 he contacted Project Camelot with information that he felt was so "hot" that he told us that he could not afford to put his name to it. Less than a year later, when his brain tumor was diagnosed, he told us that he felt that this might have been engineered in retaliation for the information which he had revealed.

His close friend Ellis Taylor wrote simply: A giant passed this way.

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