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UPDATE (Please read the information below first):

5 June 2008 - Dan Burisch Update on Status of Timeline 1, variant 83

From: Dan Burisch
Subject: Re: Timeline 1 variant 83
To: "Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan" <>
Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 5:12 AM

As an addendum, and something you can also make public if you like, is the disparity in accuracy - the changes from the accurate older accounts to the changes now underway as we are in the transition and have made "changes" ourselves. My early comments, based in direct experience, second and third party comments, unrelated reports, Looking Glass Data, data from the Orion Cube, and from the J-Rod have played out, since with the following hits, and those who have followed my truthful account can do the matchings to my earlier quotes if they want. Let's parse it out, shall we? (We won't even get into "Deacon's" and Uhouse's reports about Looking Glass, at this juncture, as it further confirms but is unnecessary.)


1. The Rense/Caltech issue.

2. Stargates being directly involved with the Iraq war.

3. Solar Flares to be one component near 2012 of the T2 catastrophe.

4. Einstein-Rosen Bridges used by the Time Travelers.

5. Origin of J-Rods and Orions being a split in Humanity to a short group and a tall group.

6. Asthenosphere and mantle destabilization and rotation during T2's geophysical catastrophe. Magma and water behind it, after being perturbed by energy hitting earth.

7. The energy hitting earth in #6, and directly related to the Sun?


The "possibles" are communicated to the Clintons. Hillary is told what could be the highest probability T1 variants "future(s)." She and her husband publicize her knowledge of the possibles, and her defiance of it, this way in June 2007:

We made big noise about it on our forum. (People must have missed it or were snoozing?)

I was impressed, as were many. Marcia and I even endorsed her, me especially because she was willing to run - even after knowing "something."

Then comes the end of 2007, after all this stuff was coming to light. On September 27, 2007 questions like these were being asked:

"So why wouldn’t Hillary put Obama on the ticket?"

Hillary was the Democratic Heir Apparent.

I was "busy" elsewhere, at the time, and later reported to you what was up, that was was observed winning, and other "things" happening. I also reported that we entered the Shar, the time of crossing (that of transition) in early October, 2007. I reported, privately, about the Third Rail, and that we were then trying to push the events away from the accuracy as somewhat evidenced in #1-#7, above.

The Clintons continued forward, then the Heir Apparent slipped away, and not just by the votes. Changes were happening.

(03/08: what happened in Bosnia? Must have been just a "gaffe"... a really eloquently stated... three times stated... well remembered... detailed... stated by someone who knows that file footage exists... "gaffe!" I have a plethora of emails from around the world from people who seem to remember something about a pesky sniper!? ...but that isn't what the video shows (now), is it?

I tried to assure people, on the forum, who had written that "just because they don't remember it the way the video shows, it's okay..."...but some people must have missed that or were snoozing?)

Okay, now, anyway, here we are with it really starting, right at the time of the transition, October, 2007:

Dan Balz's Take

Clinton Slips Social Security Questions

In that same timeframe, I am on the phone with a close friend, speaking to her in the area of Dubai. I advised her what was observed about Pakistan and others advised her that what I was saying was correct: that the PPP was not seen in power in any probables observed by the Looking Glass where it was seen a nuclear war erupted between Pakistan and India, following the destabilization by an idiotic attack on Iran by order of President Bush and advice of Vice President Cheney. Of course, that would Pak/India war would promote the entry of China into India (2010-11), and the confrontation by the United States after President Hillary Clinton was... ahem... no longer President... and everything which would follow. My friend returned to Pakistan, and was the ultimate blood sacrifice which allowed an important change in power structure.

What also happens right in this timeframe? A certain National Intelligence Estimate is released, by none other than the Director of National Intelligence, Retired Navy Vice Admiral John Michael McConnell. That pressure caused a political sway against a near term attack on Iran - the near term attack seen by the Looking Glass for T1v83.

CLICK HERE: For a little timeline:

October 7, 2007: Reporter: US Intelligence Community Will Attempt to ‘Slow Down’ Administration’s Push for War with Iran

NBC correspondent Howard Fineman says that the US intelligence community will release “three different reports” in upcoming weeks to “slow down” the administration’s push for war with Iran. Fineman says, “The intelligence community over the next few months is going to come out with three different reports on Iran about internal political problems of Iran, about the economy, and about their nuclear capability. Those are going to be key to decide what the Bush administration is going to do, and it’s the intelligence community I think trying to slow down what the president, most particularly the vice president, want to do in Iran.” [MSNBC, 10/7/2007] In fact, the intelligence community will release a National Intelligence Estimate in December that concludes Iran stopped working on a nuclear weapon in 2003, and is not a danger of having a nuclear weapon until at least 2013 (see December 3, 2007).

October 20, 2007: Bush Says Global Leaders Risk ‘World War III’ Unless Iran’s Nuclear Program is Stopped

George W. Bush warns that world leaders are risking World War III unless they work to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Bush makes his remarks at the White House, remarks timed to coincide with Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran. Russia has in recent weeks warned the US about moving too quickly towards a violent confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program; Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and other Bush officials have responded by escalating their rhetoric towards Iran (see October 21, 2007) and requesting funding for weapons that could be used against Iran’s nuclear facilities (see Mid-October, 2007). “We’ve got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel,” Bush says. “So I’ve told people that, if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.” In fact, Putin and Russian officials have repeatedly said that Iran is not building nuclear weapons, Russia has pledged to continue helping Iran develop its nuclear power technology, and Russia has led a coalition of Caspian nations who vow to prevent the US from using that region to launch any attacks against Iran. [Daily Telegraph, 10/20/2007]

December 3, 2007: National Intelligence Estimate Finds Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Halted Since 2003

The Iran NIE. [Source: Office of the Director of National Intelligence]The newly released National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) for Iran’s nuclear weapons program concludes that Iran stopped working on nuclear weapons in 2003, and that the program remains on hold today. The Bush administration has repeatedly claimed that Iran is on the verge of acquiring nuclear arms, and has intimated that it is ready to attack that nation to prevent such an event from happening (see October 20, 2007). Interestingly, the administration has tried to have the NIE rewritten to more suit their view of Iran, an effort spearheaded by Vice President Dick Cheney (see October 2006). The findings of the NIE are expected to have a large impact on the negotiations between Iran and several Western countries, including the US, aimed at pressuring and cajoling Iran into giving up its nuclear energy program. The NIE, an assessment representing the consensus of the US’s 16 intelligence agencies, finds that while Iran’s ultimate ambitions towards becoming a nuclear-armed power remain unclear, Iran’s “decisions are guided by a cost-benefit approach rather than a rush to a weapon irrespective of the political, economic and military costs.… Some combination of threats of intensified international scrutiny and pressures, along with opportunities for Iran to achieve its security, prestige, and goals for regional influence in other ways might - if perceived by Iran’s leaders as credible - prompt Tehran to extend the current halt to its nuclear weapons program.” The NIE says that even if Iran were to restart development of its nuclear weapons program today, it would be at least two years at a minimum before it would have enough enriched uranium to produce a single bomb. The report says that Iran is more likely to develop a nuclear weapon by no earlier than 2013, “because of foreseeable technical and programmatic problems.” The report flatly contradicts the assessment made by a 2005 NIE that concluded Iran had an active nuclear weapons program and was determined to create them as quickly as possible. “We felt that we needed to scrub all the assessments and sources to make sure we weren’t misleading ourselves,” says one senior intelligence official. [New York Times, 12/3/2007; Director of National Intelligence, 12/3/2007 ] There is no official word as to why the NIE has been publicly released by the White House when it so transparently contradicts the stance of the Bush administration, but Cheney implies the decision stems from a fear that it would be leaked anyway: “[T]here was a general belief that we all shared that it was important to put it out—that it was not likely to stay classified for long, anyway.” [Politico, 12/5/2007] The NIE is compiled from information gathered since 2004; one of the key intelligence findings is from intercepted phone calls between Iranian military commanders indicating that the nuclear program has been halted (see July 2007)..

The DNI acted, and thank God he did! Of course, in my personal focus, all that was overshadowed, just 24 days later, when my friend died.

I hope that I have come some way, in this more detailed response, to answer your original question. I can say that I feel the present flux and the possibility for peace is better than what was observed: multilateral nuclear war. (That was the "no free lunch" I had mentioned for all these years, in the trade off from a T2 catastrophe where 4-5 billion would die.) I feel that any "unknown" accompanying the possibility for peace, is a better option than certain war.

God Bless us and keep us, and may we find our own paths - paths we create in peace for ourselves.



Meeting with Dan Burisch on 10 December, 2007

Dan had been incommunicado and unavailable during most of the latter half of 2007, during which time he had been called back 'inside' to participate in a project of considerable National Security importance (see this page for Marci McDowell's public statement about Dan's 'sabbatical'). After he was released from his duties, we met with him for several hours... and were told an amazing story.

We have kept this fully confidential (for reasons which will become obvious as you read on). The information contained intelligence data about probable future events which was gained through a high-tech investigation into possible and probable future timelines. The device used was known as the Orion Cube. [Click on the image to enlarge.]

The purpose of the project was to establish whether or not the danger from Timeline 2 - in which the 2012 pole shift was set to occur, according to information communicated from time traveling future humans - had been averted.

Those familiar with Dan's testimony in our previous interviews (and also summarized here) will know that it was learned from the future humans that it was Stargate and Looking Glass technology that had precipitated the catastrophe by amplifying the energetic effects from micro-wormholes encountered as the Earth journeyed through a particular region of space (which, on this timeline in which you are reading this page, we are approaching now).

The Looking Glasses and Stargates have now been decommissioned or destroyed. In theory, all was well - but this had to be checked.

The project had two outcomes:

1) It was confirmed that the 2012 catastrophe had been averted.

2) Given (1) above - i.e. that that we were now on Timeline 1, not the disastrous Timeline 2 - the rest of the project was devoted to recovering data about probable events on this new, untraveled timeline. The most probable sequence of events, among a large number of potential variants, was evaluated to be variant 83.

Timeline 1, variant 83

T1v83, as it's known, did not contain good news for you and us, the citizens of the world. For this reason we did not publicize any of the information, assuming that it was highly classified. Because - and this is important - this bad-news variant now seems to be changing, we have sought permission from Dan to publish what we can of this - because it offers a message of hope and understanding. To Dan's enormous credit, he has agreed.

Here are the details: first the information that was retrieved, and second how it has changed.

What was seen was that Hillary Clinton - most interestingly, with John Kerry as her Vice President - would win the White House in November 2008. The Bush Administration, however, would before then launch a nuclear strike against Iran, the escalating repercussions of which would cross over into the new administration and also precipitate a major economic collapse.

Geopolitical events thereafter would continue to deteriorate with a strike by Pakistan against India, an attack by China against India, and finally a nuclear exchange between the US, Russia and China. By then it would be 2010, so these events do not all occur at once.

What follows is then what is new. Mike McConnell, the Director of National Intelligence and old MJ-1 - and who is a good man (in Dan's words: Majestic's moral compass) - was so incensed at the current administration's glee at the prospect of Iran attack that he instructed his intelligence apparatus to publish the National Intelligence Estimate, in which it was stated that Iran presented no nuclear threat. This was the first major change in variant 83.

Shortly after that, Benazir Bhutto herself was assassinated. Benazir was party to the findings of the 2007 project and was fully briefed about variant 83. Her personal mission was to avert the Pakistani nuclear strike, and in variant 83 it had been seen that she was very politically active - although unsuccessful.

We do not know this as fact, but we feel that readers may draw their own conclusions about why she might have been 'eliminated' shortly after the publication of the NIE. It must be remembered that there are many factions and individuals behind the scenes that WANT these foreseen events to transpire.

Most significantly, since her death there is now a coalition government in Pakistan which in itself may be sufficient to avert the strike against India. This is another departure from variant 83.

In our long conversation, Marci McDowell likened the publication of the NIE to nudging an aimed rifle barrel so that the metaphorical bullet (i.e. the predicted outcome) would instead hit another target. Readers will have noticed that there have been political attempts in certain quarters (not only within the US!) to straighten the rifle barrel again. But this does not appear to have worked... so far.

This might be premature at the time of writing (10 April 2008), but it does look as if Barack Obama - not Hillary Clinton - may be the next President. If so, this further departure from variant 83 may be the most significant of all.

We all co-create our world

So this is a message of hope and informed optimism. It seems that the bad-news variant 83 has already been broken. What new variant we may now be on, we do not know - and possibly no-one does.

But here's what's critical to remember, always: we are not just passengers in a world where the events are determined by others, while we just helplessly and passively watch the outcomes as so much TV. We are all involved in the process, and - as we have remarked many times - are all responsible for co-creating our future.

We all vote on the world we will experience, whether consciously aware of this or not. It is in our view critically important that people are informed about the games being played, the hidden agendas, and what is at stake. This is the entire mission of Project Camelot.

Now we have published this, none of us, duly informed, can be unconscious any more. So here is our request of you, personally: Do NOT permit these foreseen events to take place.


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